We custom cut local beef and pork to return to farmers and consumers. This is done through on-the-farm slaughter, taking the stress away from animals being corralled into a trailer and hauled to a livestock sale or slaughterhouse. These animals are not state inspected and all meat is returned to the animal’s owner. Meat cut from these animals cannot be re-sold, but used for personal use.

We collaborate between farmers and consumers to put beef right from the farm into the consumer’s freezer. This allows the average consumer to get a better quality product for a lower price. The meat is bought from the farmer by the consumer. We take care of lining it up. The Stockyard only charges to process, age, and package the finished product. This meat can be ordered ahead of time and purchased in quarters, halves, or whole to be processed according to the consumer’s request.

Wild Game Processing

We offer complete wild game processing services plus optional skull cleaning and hydro-dipping, or caping for taxidermy ser